Pronto Export and Gioia Group are licensed to produce and export Sun World varieties table grapes

4 mayo 2020

Sun World Innovations is the largest standing fruit breeding company in the industry and one of the leading in the development of innovative table grape varieties.

After a two-year certification process, our company has licensed as a marketer and producer of at least 5 varieties of table grapes.

Innovation is a key factor in the fruit export market, for this reason it is essential to keep up to date on new technologies and varieties, in order to satisfy highly demanding markets such as USA, Europe and Asia.

Pablo Bozzo, General Manager of Pronto Export, said in this interview that the strategic decision to incorporate Sun World varieties, is in line with a process of differentiation in markets of high demand. “This certification, allow us to incorporate five new varieties of rising demand: Autumn Crisp, Scarlotta, Sugrared, Sable Seedless and Adora Seedless. This implies that during the next five years, we must incorporate at least 200 hectares of these varieties of table grapes”.

Ximena Berríos, in charge of Good Agricultural Practices at Pronto Export, tells that this process, was a major challenge in terms of meeting the requirements of Sun World Innovations. "The required standards are world class, but the capacity and experience of Gioia and Pronto Export allowed us to face this process without difficulties”.

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