We are one of the largest private producers in Chile, exporting 1 million boxes of table grapes, 800 tons of walnuts in shell, oranges and stone fruits.

The Gioia family began cultivating table grapes for export in 1930, being the first Chilean company to reach foreign markets in 1934.

This story, begins with the arrival of Mr. Guerino Gioia G. at Llay Llay in Aconcagua Valley, coming from Mendoza, Argentina. In 1950, his sons Américo and Bruno, took the leadership of the Company settling in San Felipe, Aconcagua Valley, dedicating his life to grow and export table grapes.

During the last decade, other fruits such as walnuts, oranges and stone fruits, have been added to the Gioia offer.

Pronto Export, take care of bringing all the freshness and quality of the fruits produced by the Gioia family, to the most demanding markets in the world: United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America
Our Fields in Aconcagua Valley
Our fields and farmland are located in the fertile Aconcagua Valley of Valparaíso, Chile. This area, is well known for its ideal climate and conditions for the production and handling of all our agricultural products, especially our premium quality table grapes widely appreciated on foreign markets.
Packing 1:
Agrofrutera Gioia Ltda
Address: Tocornal 4533 San Felipe, Chile
Phone: 56 342536503

Packing 2:
Agrofrutas Pronto Ltda
Address: San Martin 1449 San Felipe, Chile
Phone: 56 342511800
Pronto Export send fruit to over 30 different markets around the world.
Our main markets are:
North América: Canada and United States.
Far East: China, Japan, Malasya and South Korea.
Latin América: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panamá and Salvador.
Europe: Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.
Middle East: Tukey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.
In its fields and facilities, Pronto Export carries out its cultivation, packaging and cold processes based on high demand certification protocols. Also, we have Rain Forest Alliance and Fair Trade USA certifications, following the path to give our products a seal of sustainability and support for minor retailers in each country where we are present.
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