Pronto Export and Gioia Group are licensed to produce and export Sun World varieties table grapes

Sun World Innovations is the largest standing fruit breeding company in the industry and one of the leading in the development of innovative table grape varieties. After a two-year certification process, our company has licensed as a marketer and producer of at least 5 varieties of table grapes. Innovation is a key factor in the […]

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Grupo GIOIA obtains Rain Forest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Certification

This certificate implies that all our fields, fulfill three fundamental pillars of sustainability: Social, Economic and Environmental. Rain Forest Alliance certified fields are regularly audited to verify compliance with the standard's requirements, which require continual improvements on their way to sustainable agriculture. The standard is built on these important principles of sustainable agriculture: Conservation of […]

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For the third consecutive year Grupo GIOIA is part of Fairtrade USA

Our workers at Fundo Los Graneros, El Olivo and Chacra El Carmen have obtained important benefits as food delivery’s, dental and ophthalmology treatments. This benefits are premiums of our clients Whole Foods Market and Oppenheimer, by choosing Fairtrade-USA certified fruit, produced under standards of respect and social equity.

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